Wind&Bones run mentoring and courses for writers. We can help give you a creative boost, help you develop your work, and advise on publishing.

Alongside our mentoring, we're working on developing a series of online courses. Check back soon for more information.
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Our mentoring programme can help you reach your writing goals. 
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Who we are

Dr. Hannah Stevens

Dr. Hannah Stevens has a PhD in creative writing from the University of Leicester, and has taught writing in universities around the world.

Hannah is particularly interested in short stories, flash fiction and creative non-fiction that work to strengthen the voices of women and non-binary writers. Her next book, In Their Absence, a collection of stories about missing people, is due out from Roman Books in 2020.

Dr. Will Buckingham

Dr. Will Buckingham has a PhD in philosophy. He is the author of an extensive list of books, and has taught writing around the world.

Will has particular interests in creative nonfiction, and novel-length fiction. He loves work in translation, and working with writers actively seeking to cross cultures. His next book, Hello Stranger: Stories of Connection in a Divided World will be published by Granta in 2021.


We provide educational consultancy, as well as mentoring & coaching for writers. We also deliver workshops, talk series and projects relating to creative writing and communication.

We've worked on projects with writers and organisations all over the world, including the UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Myanmar, Taiwan and Indonesia.


Hannah and Will created an atmosphere which made me—and I think everyone—feel safe and accepted. In the class, I felt appreciated and valued, and overall it was one of the most positive workshops I have ever attended. Also, Hannah and Will are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met – always giving a positive energy.
Amjad Mestarehi, founder of Garage Cutural Centre, Jordan
Will & Hannah create a convivial atmosphere where you feel at ease to immerse yourself in writing. They are always ready to provide tips and know-how from their experience as professional authors to help aspiring writers.
Dr. Rayna Rosenova, lecturer in English literature
I loved the online workshop I took part in with a varied and interesting group of writers. Hannah and Will are engaging, experienced teachers and mentors who make you feel welcome, relaxed and motivated. I was able to break through a big writing block during one short session.
Jo Bradshaw, writer
Wind&Bones opened me up to a whole different mode of writing, which is so intimate and rewarding. It has given me another entry point into fiction and a better way to understand myself through writing about my own life. Hannah and Will are nothing but nurturing and warm - you immediately trust them with writing that’s incredibly personal and vulnerable. The course felt deeply transformative.
Haralambi Markov, freelance marketing and content writer
I count this as one of the best decisions in my writing career. Will & Hannah are experts in the craft and know-how to teach essential techniques. But most importantly, they put you in the right mindset: directing you to your own thoughts, your own observations, and ultimately your own voice. They are brilliant teachers and wonderful people!
Martina Petkova, writer
Wind&Bones’s courses offer a cozy and well-paced experimental space for trying out new ideas and kneading one’s experiences into new forms. It’s an excellent start for writers looking to explore the unfamiliar, with calm and patient instruction. — Sarah Craycraft, Folklorist and PhD Student.
Sarah Craycraft, folklorist and PhD student
The Wind and Bones mini-course I joined was both a thought-provoking lesson and an inviting space to collaborate with fellow participants. Wind& Bones show writers how to write more ethically, and find that sweet spot between addressing hard issues and telling inspiring stories about humanity.
Grace Susetyo, freelance journalist
I participated in two creative writing courses with Will and Hannah while I was conducting my ethnographic research for my PhD. I can highly recommend them. They are very supportive and empowering teachers, and create a warm and exciting atmosphere in the classroom. They helped me not only with my personal writing, but also with the writing process for my doctoral thesis, helping me put words to the experiences and impressions I collected during my research
Carolyn Hirsch, PhD student
Will and Hannah are an absolute joy to work with. Their passion, creativity and authenticity really shine through their work and their interactive workshops. They are professional and filled with practical knowledge that managed to hit all the marks. Most importantly, they inspire you to think deeply about what matters and express it in a meaningful way.
Petya Milosheva, writer