Wind&Bones Mentoring Programme by Wind&Bones

Wind&Bones Mentoring Programme

The Wind&Bones mentoring programme will help you reach your writing goals. With our introductory package you get:

  • Our PDF booklet Mentoring With Wind&Bones: A Short Guide.
  • An initial in-depth 40 minute consultation.
  • Detailed line-by-line feedback on up to 5000 words of your writing.
  • A full, written feedback report. 
  • A final 40 minute consultation to talk through your further goals. 

What's Included?

Welcome to the Wind&Bones Mentoring Programme
Mentoring Guide (PDF)
3.09 MB
Getting to know you
Introduce yourself!
Mentoring Questionnaire
Our first meeting
Talking through your work
About the feedback process
How to send us your work
Making sense of feedback
Our follow-up meeting
Let's talk!
Thank you
Thank you!